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    What Is Saw Filters?

    Apr. 12, 2018

    Surface Acoustic Wave is referred to as a SAW filter. The surface acoustic wave is an elastic wave that propagates along the surface of an object.

    The SAW is an elastic wave that is generated and propagates on the surface of the piezoelectric substrate material and the amplitude rapidly decreases as the depth of the substrate material increases. The basic structure of the SAW filter is to make two acoustic transducers, the Interdigital Transducer, on the polished surface of a substrate material having piezoelectric characteristics, which are used as a transmitting transducer and a receiving transducer, respectively.

    The transmitting transducer converts the RF signal to a surface acoustic wave that propagates on the surface of the substrate. After a certain delay, the receiving transducer converts the acoustic signal into an electrical signal output. The filtering process is implemented in the electrical to acoustic and acoustic to electrical conversion, so the SAW filter can be equivalent to a two-port passive network.

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    RF IF Filter

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