n If you have any question on Glass Substrate, Monitor Quartz Crystals, Single Rotate Quartz Blanks, Quartz Blanks, we will give the professional answers to you. We focus on innovation, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality for our customers.
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    No1 : Quartz blank factory at Jiaxing

    SC/ IT/FC/NT Double rotate quartz blanks design & manufacture

    No2: Quartz blank factory at Jiaxing

    A/T ,X .Y .Z Single rotate quartz blanks design & manufacture

    No3: Quartz blank factory at Jiaxing

    Monitor quartz crystals design & manufacture

    No4: Quartz blank factory at Jiaxing

    SMD quartz blanks design & manufacture

    No5: Quartz Crystal Units factory at Shanghai

    Quartz crystal units, Oscillator, VCXO, TCXO

    No6: Substrate factory for SAW at Deqing; Shanghai

    4”, 6” LT/LN/Quartz for both SAW and Optical grade and SAW filters

    No7: Glass Substrate factory at Deqing

    All different fused silicon and glass substrate up to 12”

    Hangzhou Freq-control Tech Elec Co,. ltd.

    Market, sales and purchase at international Worldwide

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    • Blade Saw
    • EFG
    • EFG2
    • Lapping Machine
    • Wire Saw
    • Single Side Polishing Machine
    • EFG3
    • X-Ray
    • Convex
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