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    welcome to CQT

    Splitting up from former China National Scientific instrument and materials company in 1999 , Hangzhou Freqcontrol Electronic Technology Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer who involves in piezoelectric crystals , surface acoustic wave filters and the single crystal growth as well as substrates process which for use in the telecommunications and general time and frequency industries.

    Rely on our manufacturing facilities and our sister partners we register this organization as CQT (China Quartz Technology ) for the strategic cooperation, we are able to supply a very broad range of all high precision single quartz blanks with all different possible orientation for TC control ;  lithium Niobate and lithium Tantalate substrates (3”,4” and 6” ) for RF signal picking up in Smart Mobile  and all Custom sized special glass substrates for Optical windows as well as all commercial-end frequency controlled component at BULK and SAW industry for 3G,4G,and 5G application ,

    We has been servicing for microelectronic manufacturers, defense related contractors, National laboratories, universities and scientists around the world since 1990 . our expertise is specialty on the single piezo crystal science , all kinds of quartz blank and lithium Niobate Lithium Tantalate wafer manufacture, We are committed to the supply of all types of substrate wafers to the microelectronics industry.
    We focus on innovation, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality for our customers. Our accomplishments are the result of the combined efforts of all of our employees, who are dedicated to the highest ethical and quality standards.

    From 2007 marked our continued expansion with the addition of LN ,LT ,QTZ  substrate products on  3” , 4” and also  6”  with the most thinner at 0.1-0.15 mm which will make chips to be possible to be packed within more the most of smallest packages.
    Up to 2010 years, we developed production capability to all different kind of glass substrates up to 12” to apply for both semiconductor and optical industry.

    Expansion into existing markets with leading edge products that exploit today's advanced manufacturing technologies has become the mainstay of our successful business growth.

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    Set Up Hangzhou Freqcontrol Electronic Technology Ltd. (Splitting up from former China National Scientific instrument and materials company). We dedicated to provide different kinds Quartz blanks for piezo industry.


    4 founders started to set up Chintele Quartz Technology Co.ltd (CQT) to produce all size of quartz blanks and wafers to serve Piezo electric Industry in China and overseas. Main products are round & SMD blanks with etch & polsihed surface.


    We started to enter into the PV industry by producing silicon wafers from single ingots to silced wafers. We invested Shanghai South Ocean Electronic Co,.ltd which prduce Quarz cyrstal units oscillator and TC/VCXO etc.


    CQT set up facitlity, started to develop low frequency blanks and Monitor blanks (plano-convex); CQT import 1st double rotated angle sorters EFG for highly tighter angle sorting with stablility on temperature controlling for high end users who produce SC cut crystal which are for OCXO making. Angle tolerance can be controlled withing +/-7.5”


    CQT Set up facility for SC-cut blanks. Bought more EFG machines and other equipments to enlarger production capability in order to match developed market for SC-cut blanks.


    Start to develop new products:LiNbO3, LiTaO3,quart wafers of 3” and 4” for SAW application.


    Start to develop new products:LiNbO3, LiTaO3,quart wafers of 3" and 4" for SAW application.


    CQT Set up new factory to produce QCM crystals, plate Gold, Silver different materils, apply for thin film induster.


    Start to develop products for different glass substrate wafers at large size up to 12".


    CQT headquarters moved to Hangzhou Qianjiang new city CBD. CQT Set up new factory to produce LINbO3,LITaO3, quart wafers and all glass substrate wafers size from 2"-12". We are committed to the supply of all types of substrate wafers to the microelectronics industry.


    CQT work with CETC DHE, developed 6" Black LINbO3, LITaO3 also with Fe doped wafers.CQT worked as DHE's overseas sales represent for marketing the all LN ande substrates which is used at Smart phone industry.


    Set up HongKong branch to develop overseas market.

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