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    QUALITY policy

    CQT's primary goal is "To be a reliable primary microelectronics substrates supplier in today's World”. The entire organization, beginning with top management, has worked consistently to meet this goal.

    Our reputation for quality is based on a commitment to the newest and most effective design, manufacturing, testing, and management procedures – including, but not limited to, design for manufacturing, statistical process control, lean manufacturing, and continuous improvement methodologies. We have had a fully implemented and effective IATF16949 Quality Management System.

    CQT is committed to conduct its all operations in a socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner to protect the environment and ensure the safety and health of our employees, customers, and surrounding communities. We are also committed to continuous improvement on all environmental issues. CQT maintains ISO9001/ISO14001 certifications and also implements the EICC standards. and implemented the Electrical Industry Code of Conduct as well.

    Tianhua Wu

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