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    Wafer Grinding

    Nov. 01, 2022

    With the development of technology, the functions of electronic products continue to increase, and the size continues to decrease. In the field of manufacturing semiconductor devices, the size of semiconductor devices is continuously decreasing, and the size of electronic chips is continuously decreasing.

    Therefore, Quartz Materials China Wholesaler in the manufacturing process of the semiconductor device, after forming a plurality of semiconductor devices on the functional surface of the wafer, a wafer back grinding process is performed, and a wafer having a thickness corresponding to the back surface of the wafer and a functional surface is removed by a planarization process. To reduce the thickness of the subsequently formed chip.

    In the process of grinding the back side of the Quartz Materials High Purity, a protective tape is first applied on the functional surface of the wafer to avoid contamination of the wafer functional surface caused by impurities generated in the process of polishing the back surface of the wafer and to avoid direct wafer function. Grinding equipment, direct contact causes damage to the functional surface of the wafer, thereby reducing the quality of the formed chip.

    However, even after the wafer BG process, after removing the protective tape on the functional surface of the wafer, it is found that the functional surface of the wafer is still damaged and affects the quality of the chip.

    To this end, how to improve the wafer grinding process to reduce wafer damage is known to those skilled in the art.

    If you are an expert in this area, please contact us in time to discuss issues in this area with us.

    Quartz Materials High Purity

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