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    Product Structure Characteristics Of SAW Filters

    Jul. 06, 2018

    Surface acoustic wave—SAW is an elastic wave that is generated and propagated on the surface of a piezoelectric substrate material and whose amplitude decreases rapidly as the depth of the substrate material increases. The basic structure of the SAW filter is to fabricate two acoustic-electric transducers, the interdigital transducer, on the polished surface of the substrate material having piezoelectric properties. It adopts the planar process of semiconductor integrated circuit, vapor-deposits a certain thickness of aluminum film on the surface of the piezoelectric substrate, and deposits the mask patterns of the two IDTs, which are deposited on the surface of the substrate by photolithography, respectively as input transduction And output transducers. The working principle is that the input transducer turns the electrical signal into an acoustic signal and propagates along the surface of the crystal, and the output transducer converts the received acoustic signal into an electrical signal output.

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    Finished SAW Filters

    The file can be downloaded
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