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    Basic Types of RF Filter

    Sep. 25, 2018

    There are four kinds of RF-IF filter which may be defined. Each different kind rejects or accepts signals in a different way, and using the appropriate kind of RF filter it is possible to accept the required signals and reject the ones which aren't desired. The four basic Kinds of RF filter are:

    Low pass filter

    High pass filter

    Band pass filter

    Band reject filter

    As the titles of these varieties of RF filter indicate, a low pass filter only allows frequencies under what's called the cut off frequency through. Moreover, this can be considered as a high reject filter since it rejects elevated frequencies. A band pass filter allows frequencies through within a given passband. Ultimately the band rejects filter rejects signals in a particular band. It can be particularly useful for rejecting a particular unwanted signal or set of signals falling within a given bandwidth.

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     RF Filter

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