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    Quartz Materials Acceptance Rules And Storage Methods

    Sep. 03, 2018

    Acceptance rules

    1. The production unit must check the quality of the manufactured products according to the requirements of the department standard and the ordering unit.

    2. Various products of Quartz Materials should be accompanied by product certification and product instruction manual. The certificate must have the main chemical composition, performance indicators and the inspector's signature, indicating the date of manufacture, and the name of the manufacturer or the manufacturer's code.

    3. High Purity  Quartz Materials products shall be shipped with the product coating weight.

    4. Each low-expansion quartz glass tube must be analyzed for titanium dioxide content and have a product number.

    5. The ordering unit Mingquan shall check the product quality according to the quartz glass standard and the agreement approved by both parties. If the department's standard and ordering agreement are not met, duplicate samples should be taken for repeated testing. The disputed time can be submitted to the arbitration department for identification. If it still does not meet the product standards and ordering agreement, it will be processed according to the failure. If the quality problem is found after half a year of receipt, it will not be returned.

    Storage method

    Products should be stored in an indoor warehouse and stored on wooden pallets or boards to protect them from moisture. The storage location must be kept dry and tidy. The products should not overlap as much as possible and the pressure is damaged. Products must be stored in grades, specifications, and varieties to prevent mixing.

    High Purity  Quartz Materials

    The file can be downloaded
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