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    What Do You Know About Quartz Materials ?

    Aug. 22, 2018

    Not all types of Quartz Materials are naturally occurring. Some transparent quartz crystals can be treated with heat or gamma-irradiation to induce color without naturally occurring. The sensitivity to this treatment depends on the location of the quartz being mined.

    Prasiolite is an olive material produced by heat treatment; natural prasiolite is also observed in Lower Silesia, Poland. Although citrine is naturally occurring, most are the result of heat treated amethyst. The carnelian is extensively heat treated to deepen its color.

    Since natural quartz is usually twinned, synthetic quartz is produced for industrial use. Large, flawless single crystals are synthesized in an autoclave by hydrothermal methods; emeralds are also synthesized in this manner.Like other crystals, quartz can be coated with metal vapor to give it an attractive sheen.

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    Quartz Materials

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