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    Let's Talk About SAW Resonator

    Aug. 20, 2018

    The SAW Resonator and the acoustic table filter are elastic waves that are generated and propagated on the surface of the piezoelectric substrate material and whose amplitude rapidly decreases as the depth of the material of the substrate increases. The surface acoustic wave (SAW) is a mechanical wave propagating on the surface of a piezoelectric crystal. Its sound velocity is only one hundred thousandth of the electromagnetic wave velocity, and the propagation attenuation is small.

    The SAW sound table device uses a microelectronic process technology to fabricate an interdigital electroacoustic transducer and a reflector coupler on a piezoelectric substrate. The piezoelectric effect of the substrate material is used to input the interdigital transducer (IDT). The electrical signal is converted into an acoustic signal and confined to the surface of the substrate to propagate, and the output IDT restores the acoustic signal into an electrical signal, realizing an electro-acoustic-electrical conversion process, completing an electrical signal processing process, and obtaining an electronic device for various purposes. . The surface acoustic wave device manufactured by advanced microelectronic processing technology has the advantages of small size, light weight, high reliability, good consistency, multi-function and flexible design.

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    SAW Resonator

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