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    What Are The Technologies In The Production Process Of Quartz Rods?

    Nov. 24, 2022

    Here is High Quality Quartz Materials China Factory talking about Production Process Of Quartz Rods. 

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     High Quality Quartz Materials China Factory

    1. A damaged layer on the surface of the Fused Silica Wafers due to processing stress after work.

    2. Use the sandblasting method to feel the lower half of the defects and defects on the wafer to facilitate the subsequent processing.

    3. Polishing polishes the edges and surfaces of the wafer to further remove the particles attached to the wafer and to achieve excellent surface flatness for subsequent wafer processing operations.

    4. Cleaning The Finished Wafer is thoroughly cleaned and air dried.

    5. Inspection The final comprehensive inspection is carried out to ensure that the product finally meets the specified specifications such as size, shape, surface finish, and flatness.

    6. Packaging The finished product is separated, wrapped, and packed with flexible materials, and is sent to the following chip manufacturing workshop or factory to order customers.

    The file can be downloaded
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