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    Biosensor Device Classification

    Nov. 22, 2022

    A Bio Sensor that uses an immobilized biological component or organism as a sensitive component is called a biosensor. Biosensors are not specifically used.

    Sensors in the field of biotechnology, including applications in environmental monitoring, health care, and food inspection. Biosensors are mainly classified into the following three categories:

     Bio Sensor Supplier

    1. According to Sensor, molecular recognition components, ie, sensitive components, can be classified into five categories by Bio Sensor Supplier: enzyme sensors, microbial sensors, organall sensors, tissue sensors (tissue sensors), and immunosensors. Obviously, the sensitive materials applied are enzymes, microbial individuals, organelles, animal and plant tissues, antigens and antibodies.

    2. According to biosensor transducers or signal converters are classified as: bioelectrode sensors, semiconductor biosensors, optical biosensors, calorimetric biosensors, piezoelectric crystal biosensors ( Piezobiosensor), etc., the transducers are electrochemical electrodes, semiconductors, photoelectric converters, thermistors, piezoelectric crystals, and the like.

    3. A bio-affinity biosensor, a metabotropic or catalytic biosensor is classified by the interaction between the target and the molecular recognition element.

    The three classification methods actually cross each other.

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