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    Technical Characteristics Of Bio Sensor

    Nov. 17, 2022

    Here is Bio Sensor China Manufacturer talking about Technical characteristics of the sensor. 

    A Bio Sensor is a special device that can acquire and process information. For example, the sensory organ of the human body is a perfect sensing system to sense external light, sound, temperature, pressure and other physical information through the eyes, ears and skin. The tongue senses chemical stimuli such as odor and taste. Biosensors are a special type of sensor that uses biologically active units (such as enzymes, antibodies, nucleic acids, cells, etc.) as biosensing units and highly selective detectors for target analytes.

    Bio Sensor China Manufacturer

    (1) The immobilized bioactive material is used as a catalyst, and the expensive reagent can be repeatedly used repeatedly, which overcomes the disadvantages of high cost of the enzymatic analysis reagent and complicated and complicated chemical analysis.

    (2) It has strong specificity and only reacts to specific substrates, and is not affected by color and turbidity.

    (3) The analysis speed is fast and the result can be obtained in one minute.

    (4) High accuracy, the general relative error can reach 1%

    (5) The operating system is relatively simple and easy to implement automatic analysis

    (6) The cost is low. When used continuously, each sample requires only a few cents.

    (7) Some Bio Sensor Supplier can reliably indicate the oxygen supply conditions and the production of by-products in the microorganism culture system. In the production control, many complex physicochemical sensors can be obtained to obtain the information. They also indicate the direction in which the yield of the product is increased.

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