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    The difference between SLN and CLN

    Jun. 18, 2024

    Stoichiometric Lithium Niobate (SLN) and Congruent Lithium Niobate (CLN) are both of kinds of optical grade LN.  In general, the chemical formula is the same as 

    Li2Co3+Nb2O5--->2liNbO2+Co2   /   Li2O(s)+Nb2O5(s)   

    The most important two contents are the ratio of two chemical ingredient

    If Li/Nb ~ 50:50   it’s what we say Stoichiometric LN (SLN)

    If Li/Nb = 48.4:51.6 it’s what we say Congruent LN (CLN)


     SLN features with many advantages over the CLN at optical applications

    1) With more high Electro-Optic and non-liner coefficients which are good for control E-O Module

    It can be widely used in applications including E-O modulators, frequency doublers,

    Q-switches, waveguide substrates, etc.

    2) With much more optical homogeneity, the threshold of Anti-optical loss is increased

    3) No polarization process needed, or small voltage could be applied if need. compared with normal LN

       You can save about 21kv/mm while the process of polarization.

    4) Refractive index increased too; this characteristic will help the material (SLN) storage much more information against CLN


    However, there are very few companies in this World to produce SLN, we are working with some of researcher to learn this technology, so we are on the road from CLN to SLN. probably we can supply you

    With Li/Nb around 49.5:50.5 which is much better than existing CLN in near future. 

    Fused Silica Wafers

    The file can be downloaded
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