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    The Variant Of Quartz Crystal Materials

    Nov. 28, 2018

    Do you know the variant of Quartz Materials? Let's take a look at the awesome beautiful Quartz Materials.

    Quartz has many variations due to differences in particle size, color, inclusions, and the like.

    1. Colorless and transparent quartz is called crystal;

    2. Purple crystal is commonly known as amethyst;

    3. Smoke yellow, smoky brown to nearly black, commonly known as sapphire, smoky or smoky;

    4. Rose red is commonly known as hibiscus stone;

    5. The kidney-like, stalactite-like cryptocrystalline quartz is called the stone pulp. The crystal gland with different color concentric strips is called agate. The agate crystal gland has a visible liquid inclusion inside;

    6. The gray to black cryptocrystalline quartz composed of fine-grained crystallites is called vermiculite, commonly known as flint.

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