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    Quartz Tubes Light Source Application And Thermal Expansion

    Jul. 17, 2023

    Here is the Quartz Materials Factory talking about Quartz Tubes Light Source Application And Thermal Expansion. 

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    Quartz tube It employs the principle of pure lighting to fold and reflect in liquid. With the assistance of green and red sheets, then the liquid phase is green when quantified along with the gas phase is reddish. Considering that the liquid-phase screen indicates a massive contrast and the sign is apparent and clear, it's more beneficial for long-distance functioning and nighttime patrol. In case you've got an LED light source, the screen will be clearer. measuring. The quartz glass is heated to approximately 1100 ° C and won't burst when put in ordinary temperature water. It's good light transmission functionality in the whole spectral range from ultraviolet rays, along with the visible light transmittance is over 93%, particularly in the ultraviolet spectral region, the most transmittance is over 80.

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    Piezo Electric Single Quartz

    The file can be downloaded
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