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    What Is Physical Properties Of Quartz?

    Jul. 19, 2023

    Here is Quartz Materials China Manufacturer talking about Physical Properties Of Quartz. 

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    Quartz sheet is a distinctive industrial tech glass made from silica, which is an excellent standard substance. Quartz pills have a run of excellent chemical and physical properties. Below we'll provide you some excellent attributes about granite solutions!

    1. Quartz plate resistant to high temperatures

    Quartz glass has a softening point temperature of approximately 1730 ° C and may be used for quite a while in 1100 ° C. The maximum use temperature may attain 1450 ° C in a quick moment.

    2. Quartz sheet rust resistance

    Besides hydrofluoric acid, quartz hardly reacts with different acids. Particularly at high temperatures, it's not possible for every other engineering materials. Comparable.

    3. Quartz plate has good thermal stability

    The glass has an extremely small thermal expansion coefficient and will withstand extreme temperatures fluctuations. The quartz glass is heated to approximately 1100 ° C and won't burst when put in ordinary temperature water.

    4. Quartz plate light transmission performance is good

    Quartz plates have great light transmission properties in the full range from ultraviolet to infrared, along with the visible light transmittance is over 93%, particularly in the ultraviolet spectrum area, the most transmittance is over 80.

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    Quartz Materials China Supplier

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