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    Six Steps To Correct Welding Of Quartz Crystal

    Jul. 07, 2023

    Here is Quartz Materials China Manufacturer talking about Correct Welding Of Quartz Crystal. 

    Quartz Crystal oscillators work in a resonant state with a crystal that converts electrical energy and mechanical energy. The stability of the crystal oscillator is also strongly related to the welding process. If the soldering is improper, the crystal frequency may change. Below Songji Electronics introduces the quartz crystal oscillator: the six steps of correct soldering.

     Quartz Materials China Manufacturer

    1. In the welding to ensure that the temperature cannot be too high, otherwise it will destroy the crystal characteristics and repeatedly determine the installation temperature and time, remember to use the tweezers and hardware tool fixtures cannot be directly contacted with the IC surface.


    2. The temperature characteristics: generally normal, the most ideal temperature is: +15 ° C to +35 ° C, humidity 25 % RH to 85 % RH cannot be too high or too low.


    3. The aging of the crystal: the aging of the crystal oscillator probably means the same as the product. The material and characteristics will change slightly. Now, the aging rate can be completed in a few days or ten days before the aging, and the aging can be measured. The rate should also be within a certain temperature range. The current national regulations for aging are 85 ° C, 30 days.


    4. Before and after plating, consider that the oven can be filled with nitrogen gas: before the thinning, it should be left to be bombarded and cleaned, and then the upper layer of the glue is finely adjusted and then baked at a high temperature to achieve the effect of removing the stress. In order to prevent the inside of the oxidized crystal shell from being filled with high purity nitrogen gas.


    5. Testing: The finished product test is manually tested one by one in the inspection department, and most of the factories use machine screening, but this does not achieve accurate results.


    6. Product packaging: in the packaging must ensure good sealing, if the quartz crystal products inside the package leaking easily contact with oxygen in the air to produce oxidation, eventually lead to no tin.

    For more information about Inorganic Scintillation Crystal Material, please contact tech@csimc-freqcontrol.com or call us.

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