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    What Are Advantages Of Quartz?

    Jul. 12, 2023

    Here is Fused Quartz Wafers Manufacturer talking about Advantages Of Quartz. 

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    First, stable thermal energy

    The quartz tubing can attain a stable heating procedure during the heating procedure. Even if it's suddenly warmed from 0 °C into 100 °C, then it won't result in any harm to it. This is not possible for many other digital products.

    Second, corrosion resistance

    We all know that ceramics and stainless steel are the top products for corrosion-resistant substances, but their corrosion-resistant goods are quartz tubes. 150 times, in a really corrosive working environment, there'll not be any harm.

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    Third, superior light transmission

    From the procedure for usage, additional light materials like ultraviolet rays can be permitted to permeate will, and also the light transmittance can reach roughly 80%.

    Fourth, super high insulation

    It has a good barrier to electricity when it is energized. This is not possible with many other ordinary glasses, and its insulation effect is about 150 times that of other substances.

    Fifth, high-temperature resistance

    This product has a melting point of up to 108 degrees, and even after a long period of time, when the melting point around it reaches 1,400 degrees Celsius, it will not cause any damage to the quartz tube.

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