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    Biosensor History

    Mar. 17, 2023

    Here is Bio Sensor China Manufacturer talking about Biosensor History. 

    Bio Sensor China Manufacturer

    In 1967, S.J. Updike and others produced the first Bio Sensor glucose sensor. The glucose oxidase is contained in a polyacrylamide colloid to be solidified, and the colloidal membrane is fixed on the tip of the membrane oxygen electrode to prepare a glucose sensor. When other enzymes or microorganisms are used to cure the film, other sensors for detecting their counterparts can be obtained. The method of fixing the sensory membrane is a direct chemical bonding method; a polymer carrier method; a polymer membrane bonding method. The second generation of biosensors (microbial, immune, enzymatic and organelle sensors) has been developed, and third-generation biosensors have been developed and developed. Field-effect biosensors that combine system biotechnology and electronic technology have opened up in the 1990s. Flow control technology and microfluidic chip integration of biosensors provide new technological prospects for drug screening and gene diagnosis. Since the enzyme membrane, the mitochondrial electron transport system particle membrane, the microbial membrane, the antigen membrane, and the antibody membrane have a selective recognition function for the molecular structure of the biological substance, and only catalytic activation of a specific reaction, the biosensor has very high selectivity. The disadvantage is that the bio-cured film is unstable. Biosensors are involved in biological materials and are mainly used for clinical diagnostic tests, monitoring during treatment, fermentation industry, food industry, environment and robotics.

    Biosensors are an interdisciplinary combination of bioactive materials (enzymes, proteins, DNA, antibodies, antigens, biofilms, etc.) and physicochemical transducers. They are an advanced detection method essential for the development of biotechnology. And monitoring methods are also rapid, micro-analytical methods for the molecular level of matter. In the development of the knowledge economy in the 21st century, biosensor technology is bound to be a new growth point between information and biotechnology, clinical diagnosis, industrial control, food and drug analysis (including biopharmaceutical research and development) in the national economy. Environmental protection, as well as biotechnology, biochips and other research have broad application prospects.

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