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    Bio Sensor Application In Industry

    Mar. 28, 2023

    Here is Bio Sensor China Manufacturer talking about the application of bio sensor in industry. 

    If you have any idea about Bio Sensor, welcome to contact us and discuss.

    Simultaneous measurement, analysis and determination of one or more sound sources online:

    1. It is used in the laboratory or test station to perform on-line noise monitoring or noise quality control on related equipment, and obtain the quality certification of the relevant products and the test data required to meet the requirements. Automatic generation of sound pressure level test curves and monitoring reports.

    2. Used for noise detection in the anechoic room. Real-time sound pressure level, maximum sound pressure level, and time average noise data are obtained. Test data can be saved, generated, exported, printed, and so on.

    3. Simultaneous measurement of one or more sound source points. The sensor can be cut down according to actual needs. The configuration computer displays the time domain measurement curve and the determination result of the detection noise in real time, and the instantaneous Lp, the average Leq, the maximum/minimum value Lmax/Lmin, and the sound power level LWA detection data.

    Bio Sensor China Manufacturer

    4. Monitoring software features:

    1) Human-machine dialogue, support multi-point synchronization detection. Features and interfaces can be customized according to user requirements.

    2) Set the measurement (delayable) time and noise threshold arbitrarily.

    3) When the noise exceeds the set noise threshold, the computer touch screen can sound an alarm.

    4) Use the IO port signal module to start the detection start or end, or the IO port output alarm signal triggers the alarm light to flash.

    5) Monitoring data can be saved, exported, printed, generated (customizable) noise measurement reports, etc.

    5. Set the upper and lower limit values of the frame line of the center frequency point to generate the 1/3 octave sound pressure determination threshold, and set the qualified judgment condition in real time.

    6. Instantly display the difference of each point, obtain the data of the sound insulation effect, and configure the dynamic display interface to directly observe the change of sound pressure in the time domain. For the detection of sound insulation materials and noise reduction, sound insulation boxes or anechoic chamber equipment, judge or make noise comparison.

    7. Historical data statistical analysis, saving, export, and other functions.

    8. The noise test report can be customized according to requirements

    9. Sensor installation and fixing: simple universal fixing clip (any angle stainless steel fixing clip)

    For more information about Bio Sensor Supplier, please contact tech@csimc-freqcontrol.com or call us.

    The file can be downloaded
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