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    Terminology Of SAW Filter

    Nov. 15, 2018

    A surface acoustic wave is referred to as a SAW filter, and a surface acoustic wave is an elastic wave that propagates along the surface of an object. Let's take a look at its terminology.

    1. Nominal frequency: Usually refers to the nominal value of the intermediate frequency, used to make reference frequency relative to the standard.

    2. Passband Width: This is a frequency interval and ensures that the relative attenuation at this time is equal to or lower than the specified attenuation value.

    3. In-band ripple: This is the maximum difference between the maximum and minimum attenuation between the maximum attenuation in the passband.

    4. Stopband Width: Refers to the frequency interval where the relative attenuation is equal to or higher than the specified value.

    5. Fixed Attenuation and Bandwidth: This refers to the relative loss and frequency spacing guaranteed in the attenuation bandwidth.

    6. Terminal Impedance: This is the source impedance or the load impedance value seen from the filter side. It is usually equivalent to a parallel connection of a resistor and a capacitor.

    7. Group delay: it is the differential value of the phase diagonal frequency.

    8. Group delay in-band fluctuation: the maximum difference between the maximum and minimum group delays of the group delay in a particular passband width.

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    SAW Filter

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