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    POI/LNOI(Piezoelectric On Insulator)

    Jul. 04, 2023

    Lithium Niobate Thin Films on Insulator is kind of POI (Piezoelectric on Insulator) wafer. It’s stacked sequence structure is made of support substrates that can be silicon, quartz, fused silica, sapphire or LN wafer, the interlayer is thermal oxide SiO2 that works as insulator and lithium niobate film is the functional layer above the insulation layer.

    POI /LNOI engineered substrates enable the design of filters with high quality factor, large bandwidth, very low temperature sensitivity and low insertion loss with a simple device manufacturing technology. These wafers are developed and used for high-speed modulators, high Q factor SAW devices, IR-detectors, THz devices.

    We work with our strategical partner who has experienced at technology of smart cut and wafer bonding and supply with important Piezoelectric layer on LN/LT from the sizes of 3” 4” 6” up to 8” to build the special wafer with multilayered structure


    The file can be downloaded
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