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    Does SAW Filters Have Anti-Interference Effects?

    Jun. 19, 2018

    In a mobile communication system, whether it is digital or analog, the circuit structure of its functional modules for transmitting and receiving signals is basically the same. At the Tx side, the signal is modulated on a carrier, the power is amplified by an amplifying circuit, and then SAW-filtered. After the filter is filtered, the signal is sent out by the antenna. This channel requires low filter loss and can withstand high power. After the Rx end channel, the weak signal received by the antenna is filtered by the SAW filter and then amplified and demodulated. Finally, the desired signal is obtained. Information requires low filter loss and high stop-band rejection. The traditional dielectric filter generally has the characteristics of low loss, large bandwidth, and high power endurance. However, its fatal weakness is that it is too bulky to adapt to the trend of miniaturization of mobile phones. The SAW filter has the advantages of small size, suitable for miniaturization, good consistency, and no adjustment.

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    Finished SAW Filters

    The file can be downloaded
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