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    The Main Market Range Of Finished Crystals

    Jan. 05, 2023

    Let's take a look at the main market range of finished crystals.

    1. Wired communication equipment

    General telephone, radiotelephone fax machine, transmission equipment, optical communication.

    2. Wireless communication device

    Fixed communication: satellite communication, terrestrial base station.

    Mobile communication: car, mobile phone, PHS, MCA, wireless service, fireproof wireless.

    Ship Mobile: Air Mobile, GPS ,LTS.

    3. Industrial equipment

    OA, information terminal computer, CD, printer.

    Medical equipment, industrial equipment measurement.

    vehicle electronics.

    4. Civil electronic equipment

    Image: TV, VTR, DVD, camera, game console.

    Audio equipment: CD, MO, musical instrument.

    Home electronics: clock, air conditioning.

    We are finished crystal China factory,  we can provide you with the most suitable products according to your needs, welcome to consult. In addition, we also have quartz materials for sale.

    Finished Crystal

    The file can be downloaded
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