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    Introduction Of Force Transducer

    Apr. 11, 2018

      Force Transducer converts the magnitude of force into the device of the relevant electrical signal. Force is the direct cause of changes in the movement of matter. Force sensors can detect tension, tension, pressure, weight, torque, internal stress and strain and other mechanical quantities. The specific devices include metal strain gauges and pressure sensors, which are indispensable core components in power equipment, construction machinery, various types of workbenches, and industrial automation systems.

      The force sensor is mainly composed of three parts:

      1. Force-sensitive element (ie elastomer, common materials are aluminum alloy, alloy steel and stainless steel)

      2. Conversion element (most common is resistance strain gauge)

      3. Circuit part (general enameled wire, pcb board, etc)

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    Force Transducer

    The file can be downloaded
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