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    Quartz Crystal is an Important Electronic Material

    Jul. 10, 2018

    Quartz crystals are an important electronic material. Quartz wafers cut in a certain direction will generate an electric field or electric charge proportional to the stress when subjected to mechanical stress. This phenomenon is called positive piezoelectric effect. Conversely, when the quartz crystal is subjected to an electric field, a strain proportional to the electric field will be generated. This phenomenon is called an inverse piezoelectric effect. The positive and negative effects are collectively referred to as the piezoelectric effect. Quartz crystals not only have a piezoelectric effect, but also have excellent mechanical, electrical and temperature characteristics. The resonators, oscillators and filters designed and manufactured by it have outstanding advantages in frequency stabilization and frequency selection.

    Hangzhou Freqcontrol Electronic Technology Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer who involves in Piezoelectric Crystals, Finished Saw Filters and the single crystal growth as well as substrates process which for use in the telecommunications and general time and frequency industries. Welcome to contact us.

    Optical Grade Quartz Wafers

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