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    Growth Process Of TeO2 Crystal

    Dec. 09, 2022

    There are generally two methods for growing TeO2 crystals: the bridge method and the crystal pulling method. Now let's take a look at the bridge method.

    The characteristics of the Bridgman method:

    1. The shape of the crystal can depend on the shape of the crucible, suitable for the growth of shaped crystals

    2. It can grow according to the seed crystal orientation, or it can grow naturally.

    3. Suitable for large-size, multi-quantity crystal growth, one furnace can grow several or dozens of crystals of different specifications at the same time.

    4. The operation process is relatively simple.

    The disadvantages of the Bridgman method:

    1. When the crystal is grown by the Bridgman method, the radial temperature distribution in the furnace is not uniform enough, so the quality of the crystal grown is difficult to further increase.

    2. The whole process of crystal growth is carried out in the crucible, and it is not convenient to directly observe the growth of the crystal.

    3. The crystal is prone to compressive stress and parasitic nucleation of the crystal during the crystallization of the crucible, so there is a high requirement for the inner surface finish of the crucible.

    4. The purification process during the growth process is poor, and the purity of the raw materials is high.

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