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    Optical Properties Of Quartz Wafers

    Apr. 24, 2018

    Quartz Wafers are usually made of quartz smelted and cut and ground, with a silica content of more than 99.99%. Hardness is Mohs seven, with high temperature resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance and good electrical insulation properties. Usually colorless and transparent, visible light transmittance of 85% or more. Our abundance experience at growing and mass production for optical grade quartz wafers.

    Quartz crystals have their own unique optical properties, it can not only through the far-ultraviolet radiation is the best of all transparent materials, but also through visible light near infrared spectroscopy. Due to the high temperature resistance of quartz glass, low thermal expansion coefficient, good chemical stability, bubble, streak, uniformity, and birefringence are comparable to those of ordinary optical glass, so it is a kind of optical element with high stability under various adverse conditions. Essential optical material.

    Optical Grade Quartz Wafers

    The file can be downloaded
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