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    How To Use The Saw Filter

    Sep. 01, 2018

    1. Do not use a voltage higher than the maximum input voltage. Excessive voltage will accelerate the degradation of product characteristics.

    2. Before using the SAW Filter, do a good job of grounding to minimize the coupling between the input and output. Otherwise, this coupling will cause the amplitude and group delay of the device to fluctuate. Note that the wave frequency is f = 1/T

    3. The surface acoustic wave TTE wave that is reflected multiple times between the input and output areas is attached to the main signal wave, which will cause the main signal amplitude and the group delay to produce jitter, thereby increasing the mismatch between the end products, and SAW Should work under given terminal conditions. Note that the wave frequency is f = l /T

    4, be careful not to apply too much pressure on the pins

    5. The specific temperature for storing and transporting SAW devices must be below 85 °C.Pay attention to the signs produced by the Saw Filter Manufacturer.

    6, pay attention to prevent the application of voltage when welding surface acoustic wave products

    7. Avoid surface acoustic wave as a separate unit and be degaussed by ultrasonic waves after being mounted on a PC board. Care should be taken when cleaning surface acoustic wave products.

    8, Install surface mount type surface acoustic wave equipment

    9. Severe warming changes; in severe temperature changes, the welded part will burst, because the printed circuit board and the surface type surface acoustic wave device have different temperature coefficients. If you want to avoid this, please consult us in advance about temperature conditions.

    10. Vibration from automatic welding; please note that if the automatic welding process gives too much mechanical vibration to the surface acoustic wave device, the electrical characteristics of the device will deteriorate.

    11. (Pressure caused by deformation of the PC board) If the PC board is deformed after the surface acoustic wave device is installed, mechanical stress will cause the soldered part to fall off and the device package to crack.

                                                                                                  Saw Filter Manufacturer

    The file can be downloaded
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